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Our Story

Physio4Me is the result of the inspiration of Emma Davis, a former professional Triathlete, Olympian and World Champion.

Having been spoilt in the sporting world with easy access to brilliant practitioners and referral systems Emma was keen to bring this to the wider world. After retiring from sport in 2012 due to injury and illness Emma began building the pieces that have grown to become Physio4Me.

Founding Team Member – Karl Henderson

Karl is one of the founding members and the head of Referrals at Physio4Me. He has been practicing as a Physiotherapist since 2012 and has worked with a range of patients, including members of the Manchester United Youth Football team.

Karl has always had a love for sport. As a child he excelled as a cricketer once achieving 6 wickets in 7 balls! He is now a Crossfit competitor and applies his knowledge to ensure that he gets the best out of his training and stays injury free.


Physio4Me provides an end 2 end health service. From diagnosis, to referral and treatment, to rehab to health. We are an online physiotherapy and sports injury service and our mission is to provide all of this to you from the comfort of your own home. No waiting times no need for multiple levels of referral just a straight forward journey to health now!


Our highly qualified injury practitioners can provide accurate, economic and efficient injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation advice and, if necessary, prescribe referrals to local accredited clinicians for efficient hands on treatment. What’s more they can do all of this whilst you are in the comfort of your own home!


Need a referral for you, or your patient, for an imaging appointment or to a Specialist or Consultant? No problem. Simply complete our Refer Me form today and one of our HCPC accredited clinicians will complete your referral and provide you with the necessary documentation. No need for multiple costly and time sapping levels of referral.

All Referrals are for private (self-paid or insurance appointments not NHS).


The Physio4Me Rehab Database is a practice management software designed by Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists for you. The software allows you to securely make and store patient medical records and prescribe rehabilitation protocols. The database includes 100’s of research based rehab protocols all of which can be tailored to your patients specific needs and then shared via email, text or hard copy. No need to draw stick men ever again!


Professional and Reliable

All of our practitioners are highly trained and accredited. At Physio4Me our practitioners specialise in a range of areas. We will ensure that your enquiry is directed to the most appropriate specialist who will then provide you with the advice that you need.

Time Efficient and Effective

We guarantee that you will receive your diagnosis or referral within 4 working days.

Need Something Even Faster? Try Our Fast Track Service

If you are in a hurry, please select our fast track service and your query will be directed to our specialist team who deal with your query effectively and efficiently. On average you will receive your fast track diagnosis or referral in under 24 hours!

We Love What We Do

And take pride in making sure that you are able to get back to what you love as quickly as possible.

Physio4Me Online Physios

We are a UK based provider of online exercise prescription software. Use our sports injury website to get your injury diagnosed and to find a doctor, physiotherapist, clinician, chiropractor or osteopath.


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