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Save Valuable Admin Time

Physio4Me Rehab Database is an easy to use practice management tool that allows you to securely write and save medical records and efficiently share bespoke rehabilitation protocols with your patients to aid their recovery.

Created By People Like You For People Like You

The system was created by Sports Therapists & Physiotherapists after realising that they were using valuable appointment time drawing stick men to help patients remember their rehab plans. The paper sketches would no doubt be lost before the next appointment & important rehab opportunities missed. The Rehab Database solves this problem & allows you to use one tool to both securely make and store medical records & share bespoke rehab protocols.

Research Based Rehab Protocols

The database is constantly growing in size. Each protocol is research based, includes detailed descriptions & clear images to ensure that your patients get the most out of their rehab time. You can tailor protocols to meet specific needs, edit these further before emailing, printing or texting them to your patient.



Physio4Me Rehab Database is GDPR ready. Patient details and notes are securely stored and protected. They cannot be accessed by anyone without your permission and your password.

Accessible Anywhere, From Any Device, With Internet Access

Work securely from any location on any device with internet access. This means you can record patient details, make medical notes and send out rehab protocols from home or on the go using your laptop, phone or table.

We Like To Keep Things Simple

At Physio4Me we like to keep things simple. The software is easy to use, allows you to get the most out of your admin time and can be used seamlessly across all devices.

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